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How to start your New Year right

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Fireworks in the night sky

New Year, New You…. right??


There isn’t a magical time of year that means you will just stop the habits you have and start new ones. Humans don’t work that way. Steven Bartlett in his recent podcast explains habits and how best to make and break them. Choosing to make change is great, but you really need a bloody good reason why a habit needs to be broken.

As business owners we can always do better: earn more, work less but what does work less actually mean?

Anyone who has their own business, whatever size, knows that you have to work hard and at the beginning you have to do all the things.

Your zone of genius – the reason you started your business just isn’t the only thing you can do (unless you start your business with a shed load of money and can hire all the people from the off!). You have to do everything in your business to get it off the ground. You will enjoy some of it and hate other parts. You will want to work all the hours one day and none the next. You will build habits up and find them extremely hard to break later on down the line.

There will be a time then you absolutely love what you do, but you end up resenting having to do EVERYTHING.

You will be your happiest when you are sitting in your zone of genius, doing what you love, the things that people come to you for time and time again.

One of the reasons for starting The Agency and for Admin Fairy to grow is to be able to support more businesses, so you can do what you love, and we can…well….do just that too!

I put money on the fact that the things you hate doing in your business we love. Take implementing a new system. You know it will help you, you know it would benefit you and the team you want to build, but you just can’t bear the thought of researching, trialling, testing, adding data and learning all about the right system.

Hello 👋🏻 that’s something we at AFTA absolutely bloody love to do. Wendy, our founder gets so excited when someone mentions a system she hasn’t heard of…next thing you know she’s off looking into it to find out more!

Why are systems and processes important I hear you ask?

Well…I know you know the answer to this already, but I guarantee that if you’re asking the question, you just don’t want to do it.

Start the New Year off right…get in touch…see if we are the right fit to come in and help you get the behind-the-scenes stuff sorted so you can have an immense year.

But there are risks to implementing a new system aren’t there?

My goodness…the New Year should be about all the newness and embracing change, right? Of course, there will be risks, but driving a car is risky. Eating shellfish can be risky 🤷🏼‍♀️

It will be less risky to sort out the operational background of your business than just carrying on as you are. Eventually your business will grow, you’ll bring on a team to help you, have so many clients you can’t do it all by yourself. If you wait until this point to set things up it will be WAY harder, I promise.

Let’s explore what happens when we support you through this process.

During system implementation the following are done:

1. Information gathering - we talk about what you need the system to do, integrations with existing systems (if any), confidence levels, budget for the system

2. Market research - we take all the above and go out to market to see what we think will work best for you

3. Review options – we come up with our top few (could be 1, could be 4 – all depends on you) and go through these with you, all based on the information you gave us in step 1

4. Decision 1 – together we decide which systems we will trial. If possible it’s a great idea to choose 1 (your favourite), sometimes 2 systems are chosen if they offer different things.

5. Final decision – after a short trial we implement one system and you use this as a pilot over a few months. A pilot works well (unless you are certain it’s the one).

6. Sign off – you’re happy, we’re happy…your business can grow

7. Processes – we can provide a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) writing service to ensure you and your team understand and use the system to the best of it’s ability, something to discuss as we go through the process.

It’s actually pretty simple and your requirements will determine exactly the path that is taken. We lead the whole process and depending on the number of people in your team, will depend on who is involved in the pilot.

So now you know the new system implementation plan, you know what the process is and look…it’s the New Year….lets start it off in the right way, lets have a chat about how best we at AFTA can help you and get your business spick and span for growth 🌟

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