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How can I stay motivated?

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

People in a circle with one arm going into the centre
People in a circle with one arm going into the centre

A lot of my clients are solopreneurs (ok, I hate this phrase, but most of you know what this means!) Individuals running a business that they started because they either saw a gap in the market or realised their zone of genius was needed in the world.

BUT - being a lone wolf means it's down to you and you only to get your butt out of bed each day and make money. This means you must always have mega motivation to bring cash into your business to pay your bills, the kids million after school activities, food etc.

I know this isn't easy, I’m a business owner myself. I don't have a team (yet!) so it's just me. I have to present, visible and organised to ensure that I don’t drop the ball in business or at home. Staying motivated to achieve the ever growing to-do-list can be tough, but to achieve operational excellence is doable - here are a few ideas to get you through the toughest of days:

1. Write down your WHY…really think about why you are running your business, what is the motivation to do what you do every day. Once you’ve written this down, go deeper. If you’ve put “so I have more time with my kids” WHY?? What does this actually mean to you and them? Your WHY is the most important reason to running your business and the more detailed and specific you can be, the more you will stay motivated to continue, even on the worst days.

2. Scrap the To-Do- List 😶‍🌫️

Now…I don’t mean forever that would be silly! But on those days, you are really struggling and are procrastinating a LOT then just do 1 thing. Once you’ve done that, write it down and tick it off. The act of seeing a task with a tick against it will trick your brain into thinking – oooo I’ve done something, lets get something else done.

3. Put on your favourite tunes…you know the ones…where you sing your heart out and bring back memories of good times with friends. In fact I would make a play list with everything that makes your heart happy. I have a great playlist on Spotify, please do take a listen here

4. Celebrate your wins...

No matter how small they seem celebrate the success! Everything you note down will make it easier to see just how good the days are. Even on the days you are struggling there will always be something to be positive about, you just have to look for the wins.

And Finally...

5. Learn

Training allows you to work on your business, learning new skills that will benefit you as a business owner plus you may learn something that helps your clients too!

There are so many ways for you to stay motivated to continue your business, to make it great and expand so you can earn even more money. I’d love to stay in touch and hear any further tips you have, please sign up to my newsletter below and let me know what your favourite way to stay motivated is 🌟

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