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Wendy OBM

Executive Support Service

Do you want specialist Business Support skills but hate the thought of managing the team?

Look no further, our Executive Support Service gives you access to:

2 days OBM per month

In the realm of growing businesses, imagine unlocking your potential to innovate and strategise, all while steering clear of the daily operational intricacies.


Our seasoned Operational Consultants are here to make that vision a reality for you. Serving as the backbone of your expanding enterprise, they bring efficiency, coordination, and strategic insights to the forefront.

Our Operational Consultants, akin to Online Business Managers (OBMs), wear multiple hats—they are adept managers, growth facilitators, and efficiency experts. Acting as a pivotal link between your overarching vision and day-to-day execution, they ensure seamless operations across projects, team dynamics, system optimisations, and performance analyses.

With their expertise, you can focus on your core strengths, confident that the operational details are in capable hands.

Let our Operational Consultants redefine and optimise your operations, allowing you the freedom to concentrate on your core competencies.


It's time to propel your business forward with confidence and achieve the equilibrium you've been seeking.

6 days Executive Support per month

Our dedicated team of Business Support professionals are ready to offer the assistance your growing business requires for smooth and efficient operations.

We specialise in delivering effective and cost-conscious solutions tailored to help you manage your operations and resources effectively. Our range of services is designed to address your administrative needs with precision.

Rely on our seasoned professionals to enhance operational excellence by refining processes, overseeing projects, and offering valuable insights to maximize resource utilisation.


Committed to delivering high-quality, economically sound solutions, we strive to optimise your business efficiency and ensure you get the most out of your operations.

But what does it cost? 

This exceptional support costs £3,450 plus VAT per month. 

There is no additional charge for NI or Tax, no pension payments, equipment costs or office space. All the additional extras you have to pay for a permanent member of staff - not needed*.

You can choose what skills you need with the Executive Support team - need a mix of operations, sales and marketing - no problem! Finance and sales support, absolutely!

*Certain systems will require our team to have their own log in, so there may be minimal additional costs incurred.

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