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Foundational Support Service

Are you aiming for operational efficiency without the need for a dedicated Ops Manager?

This package is perfect for you if you require specific administrative expertise but want to keep your team lean and manageable, this package is the perfect fit:

3 days Executive Support per month

Our devoted team of Business Support professionals are prepared to provide the essential assistance your budding business needs for foundational and efficient operations.

We excel in delivering practical and budget-sensitive solutions crafted to assist you in managing your operations and resources effectively. Our suite of services is carefully designed to meet your fundamental administrative needs with accuracy.

Count on our experienced professionals to contribute to the groundwork of operational excellence by refining processes, overseeing projects, and providing basic insights to enhance resource utilisation.

Committed to delivering dependable and economically sensible solutions, our focus is on optimising your business efficiency to ensure you derive maximum value from your operations.

But what does it cost? 

This exceptional support costs £1,125 plus VAT per month. 

There is no additional charge for NI or Tax, no pension payments, equipment costs or office space. All the additional extras you have to pay for a permanent member of staff - not needed*.

You can choose what skills you need with the Executive Support team - need a mix of operations, sales and marketing - no problem! Finance and sales support, absolutely!

*Certain systems will require our team to have their own log in, so there may be minimal additional costs incurred.

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