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AFTA's Project Management Fundamentals Course



You get to keep an entire suite of template documents which gives you all the information you need to do each and every step of the framework.

Why This Project Management Course?

Value for money

With the likes of PRINCE2 costing approximately between £850 - £1800 per person, we are able to offer equal value at a fraction of the cost. We will also teach your team how to consistently deliver projects on time and within budget, manage risk and mitigate perceived problems. As well as how to apply and tailor the latest frameworks and methodologies to address the needs and problems of specific project scenarios. We take this a step further by offering you and your team review, evaluation and recommendations following scenario work that actually applies to real-time situations you’re experiencing.

A bespoke, tailored service - you fill your brain with only the information you actually need

Unlike standardised project management courses, we’re here to hear about what stage you’re at in your project planning and ensure our training is tailored to your team size, capacity and load. We won’t overwhelm you with knowledge that isn’t useful to your specific objectives and instead focus on teaching you solely the information you actually need to solve the prioritisation and project delivery issues that are holding you back from meeting your business goals.

Expertise - we specialise in operations and project management

With our founder holding almost 20 years of various in-house and contractor project management experience and recruiting only a selectively curated team of experts, you’re learning from people who have spent their lives dedicated to experiencing and solving the challenges you face.

What does this project management course entail?

You get to keep an entire suite of template documents which gives you all the information you need to do each and every step of the framework detailed below. Chapter 1: Project Concept The first chapter details a step-by-step process, including a breakdown of what defines a project, what initiation documents are needed and how best to utilise them, and various aspects of project set-up. Chapter 2: Project Plan Planning is key to the success of every project. This chapter takes you through a step-by-step process to ensure that all opportunities are identified, risks are managed, budgeting is on track, and then some. Chapter 3: Project Delivery How you deliver your projects is unique to how you work as a person and your organisation. We will go through the best way to approach various key elements within a step-by-step process to keep you on track for the time period that each project is live. Chapter 4: Close and Review When your project finishes, we will go through our recommended step-by-step process of how best to close each project including key learnings and how to use these to optimise your next project planning process and outcomes.

When does this project management course take place?

Anytime. We will be best placed to discuss when is best for the needs of your organisation after our initial consultation.

How is this project management course delivered?

By a team of our project management experts. The full course requires a time commitment of 2.5 days (if only parts of the course are required, this would reduce). Post-course delivery, there will be a review and evaluation meeting where our founder will discuss what you have learnt and implemented as well as answer questions etc. We also have a package of support hours that provides you with help from our experts in between the training and review phases. This is especially useful to those implementing a Project Management System (PMS).

Where does this project management course take place?

Online. We are happy to consider face-to-face, depending on your team’s needs.

How much does this project management course cost?

It varies. Each quote we give you will be bespoke to your organisation. An example would be: - Create framework bespoke to your organisation: £2000 - Template documentation £1500 - Face to Face training for up to 15 people £900 per sesson - Pre & post session surveys and report £500

Key Skills:

  • Project Management
  • Project Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Change Management
  • Effective Communication

We also have experienced project managers on-hand to provide you with any help you may need between the training and review phases of this project management course as well as beyond including business as usual.


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