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Outsourced Operational Support for Operational Excellence

Meeting your goals through improved efficiency, capability and strategic systems.

AFTA is the leading provider of operational consulting services, specialising in providing operational excellence to organisations who are in the growth or scale up stage. With an experienced team of business support experts, AFTA helps companies like yours maximize efficiency and profitability while improving customer service.

We provide personalised support for growing organisations and goal-driven businesses, implementing clear systems and strategies to take them from expert to excellence. 

Our support is bespoke, just like your business.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Tailored business operations support, project management, and administrative services.

  • Consulting and coaching on organisational development and culture building.

  • Training and professional development opportunities for your staff.

Specific services below, for larger packages click here

If you know you have the odd piece of admin work, something you wish you could just hand off to someone with little trouble then this package is perfect for you. For just £60 a month you can submit a task, we'll crack on and turn it round within 5 working days. Any issues we get in touch within 24 hours. Perfect for that pesky document you can't format, or the list of events you need to get in touch with.

Holiday cover

We understand what it's like when you want to have a holiday but you can't leave your emails at home. You end up checking them from your phone everyday, responding to client enquiries, getting frustrated by the amount of rubbish when you should just be relaxing and having time away from  your business. Let us take over your emails whilst you are away. Instead of an out of office we can respond to your clients with a humanised email, letting them know you are not currently available. We can also organised the emails so you don't come back to 100's clogging up your inbox.

Prices start from £225 per week per inbox.

Tech support for online workshops / training

If you deliver training or workshops online, we have a team of experts who can be your technical saviors. The relief we can provide by giving you someone to not only set the meeting up, make sure everyone gets in ok but then manage any breakouts and/or questions, but could also write up all the key questions after - leaving you to just run through the session with ease!

Prices start from £200 per session.

CRM/ Project Management System set up

One thing we love at AFTA is getting the right system in place for the right business.

If you are looking for a new CRM to manage your contacts or leads, or a new Project Management System then look no further.

We will review what you currently have, discuss a full spec with you, undertake a market review, implement the right system, testing as we go. Nothing makes us happier than a system that makes your life easier, where milestones are reached with ease and your team know exactly what deliverables they are achieving each week.

Prices start from £1,500 per system.

Data Cleansing/ Research

You have a lot of data, gathered over time and you just don't know if it's current. This does not help when you are trying to reach out to previous clients/ customers, or build on previous relationships.

We can help sort that out - our team will take your data from multiple sources, check current contact details where possible, delete duplicates and update where we can.

Prices start from £2,000.

Set Packages - Business Support Services


Full Business Support Service

All of our licensed professionals have been carefully selected and rigorously trained, ensuring that you receive the best experience. When you choose to work with us, know that you are consistently choosing quality and excellence. Contact us to learn more.


Executive Support Service

We would not be who we are without our eco-friendly design, which is at the core of our strategy. We are constantly working to improve our offerings and expand upon our capabilities when it comes to design and production. Get in touch to learn more.


Our entry level support service offers 3 days of executive support per month and 1 day of intermediate support to help you with your business needs. Let us assist you in achieving your goals and growing your business.

Want to talk more about how we can support you?

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