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OBM (Online Business Manager) & Operational Consultant 

Are you a visionary leader looking to scale your business without drowning in the sea of operational tasks?


Meet your ultimate solution: the Online Business Manager (OBM). You may know this role as an Operational Consultant, this is pretty much the same thing!

Imagine a world where you can focus solely on your core genius – innovating, strategising, and propelling your business forward. With an OBM by your side, this world becomes your reality. Our highly skilled and experienced OBM's are not just managers; they are growth enablers, efficiency champions, and strategic partners.

So what is an OBM/ Operational Consultant?


An Online Business Manager is more than a virtual assistant. They are a vital bridge between your big-picture vision and its day-to-day execution. From project management to team coordination, system optimisation to performance analysis, your OBM ensures every facet of your operations runs seamlessly, allowing you to reclaim your time and energy.

What do our OBM's do?

  1. Strategic Alignment: Our OBM's immerse themselves in your business, comprehending your goals, values, and unique challenges. This deep understanding drives their strategic decisions and ensures every action propels you towards success.

  2. Operational Excellence: one of our core values! Say goodbye to operational chaos. Your OBM establishes and refines streamlined processes, oversees projects, and optimises resources. This means fewer fires to put out and more milestones achieved.

  3. Team Synergy: Coordinating a virtual team can be a puzzle, but not for our OBM's. They foster a collaborative environment, keeping everyone focused, accountable, and working harmoniously towards common objectives.

  4. Data-Driven Insights: Making informed decisions is crucial. Our OBM's analyse key performance indicators, providing actionable insights that help you make strategic choices with confidence.

  5. Scalability: As your business evolves, so do your needs. Our OBM's are experts in scalability, ensuring that your operations can flex and adapt as your business continues to grow.

  6. Time Liberation: Reclaim your most valuable resource – time. With an OBM handling the operational nitty-gritty, you're free to invest your energy where it matters most: innovating and steering your business towards new horizons.

Who Can Benefit?

Whether you're an ambitious startup founder, a seasoned entrepreneur, or a small business owner, our OBM's tailor their approach to suit your unique needs. They're not just problem-solvers; they're business enhancers, ready to tackle challenges head-on and drive you towards sustained growth.

Elevate your business, amplify your impact, and finally achieve the work-life balance you've been look for.


Let our OBM's & Operational Consultant's revolutionise your operations while you focus on what you do best – shaping the future.

Invest in an OBM. Invest in your success.


Case Study

Customer: Katherine, Lucent Consultancy 

The Brief:

Lucent were using Asana & a spreadsheet to manage current projects and consultants time. This worked, but Katherine understood the limitations of this approach and needed a solution which would support the business as it grew. Also, the team needed to be able to accurately record their time, look ahead to manage resource allocation, have an reliable timeline to share with clients at bid stage and access reports on tasks/time/effort.

What We Delivered:

The Result:

Wrike is used daily by the Lucent team. Snapshots in the Gantt section provide a professional timeline to present to clients. The team enter time accurately and Katherine can see what resources are required for all current and upcoming projects. The right system has given confidence to everyone


Our rates are based on a retainer, so we can guarantee hours to work with you each month. A guide to our pricing is below:

10 hours per month

£550 a month

20 hours per month

£1100 a month

We also have an option for you to have a Power Hour with our founder Wendy. This is a unique chance to talk through any ideas you have, thoughts about systems, strategy...make the most of an hour with a fresh pair of eyes!

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