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Operational Audits including ISO9001

The purpose of an audit is two-fold. First to ensure compliance with regulation and best-practice and secondly to identify areas for improvement if possible. The AFTA process encapsulates that neatly, leveraging our experience of delivering projects and ISO compliance to provide you with a structured analysis of your business as a whole, or a single aspect of it.

Examples of how we might help:

  • Preparation for an ISO Audit: We provide ISO 9001 audit services to help you ensure your organisation meets the highest standards of quality. Our initial audit is comprehensive and includes an analysis of your processes, procedures, and documentation to ensure they comply with the ISO 9001 requirements. 

  • Investigation and analysis of a department, site, function or division in your business to identify areas where improvements and optimisations can be made, ending with a documented plan of action.


Case Study: Resource Support

Customer: Potenza Technology

The Brief:

Potenza were short on staff and had too much work to do as well as an impending renewal for ISO Audit for 9001 14001. It was essential that the renewal went smoothly and so they contacted AFTA.

What We Delivered:

The Result:

Renewed ISO Audit certification for Potenza with only one opportunity for improvement.


Our pricing is bespoke just like your business as it depends on the support you need. Support for your audit will depend on the nature of what you need.

A typical full internal audit for ISO9001 would require us to be on site with your team for at least 1 day, therefore the cost would be £550 plus travel per day.

Please get in touch for more detailed pricing.

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