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Business Advice & Planning

Business Advice & Planning

Our Business Advice and Planning service provides an opportunity for you to talk through your ideas with a professional who is experienced in the field. We provide focused time to discuss the best options for your business, allowing you to make the best decisions for success. Our team is here to advise and support you in the planning and growth of your business.

We can dedicate an hour with you to discuss the challenges you are having, we call this our Power Hour! Giving you back the Power in your business.

So what is a Power Hour?

You are doing everything in your business, time runs away with you and you find yourself working late into the night.

You love what you do, but sometimes you cannot do EVERYTHING.

  • Do you need to talk through your business with an impartial expert?

  • Do you have ideas but aren’t sure if they would fit in with your current service offering?

  • Have you got so many ideas that you aren’t sure what to move forward with?

A Power Hour with a senior manager at AFTA is a focused 60 minutes together to work through the things that are a priority for you. 

You'll have our undivided attention for the whole hour and following the call we will send you the actions agreed.

Complete the details below with the words Power Hour in the message and we'll get in touch.

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